Our Roots

The Institute of Smart Urban Greenology (ISUG) is a beneficiary of M Grass International (MGI) and is affiliated with M-Grass Ecology And Environment Group Co Ltd, which possesses 13 specialized research institutions with cutting edge technologies on the desert to oasis conversion and grassland ecological restoration.

MGI-ISUG is committed to R&D of innovative green technology for a harmonious urban ecosystem contributing to Singapore a smart nation.

Our Story

A group of nature lovers got to know each other in Singapore and discussed the idea of forming an institute working on urban greenology. With the generous funding support from M-Grass, the institute was established by end of 2019.

Our passion for urban ecology is evident not only in our engagement in various eco-friendly technologies but also how we integrate our ecological philosophy to our partners. We appreciate the diversity of flora and fauna, and we build the harmony of anthropic activity and natural ecosystem, no matter in a wild or in a metropolis.


Our Strength

Technology imported from Inner Mongolia M-Grass Ecology & Environment Group Co Ltd;
Strong R&D collaborations with local universities and institutes;
Experts and professionals with deep knowledge and passion in ecology & greenology.

Our Mission “Nurture greenery in an urban ecosystem”

Our Vision “Respect natural, respect people”