29 March 2020
AUTHOR: mgrass

Illustrated factual series of COVID-19 [Introduction-coronavirus]

Dr CHEN Zhong
President / Managing Director
M Grass International Institute of Smart Urban Greenology



‘Corona-’ means crown in Latin. Coronavirus got the name because of its crown-like envelope.


The virus attaches to the cell membrane, invades the cell and then hides inside.



After the viruses enter human cells, they hijack and use the cells as their factory to produce more viruses like parasites.


The infected cells become their puppet and continuously generate viruses until cell death.



COVID-19 targets mucous cells in eyes, nose, mouth, and especially in the lungs.


Coronavirus triggers an overactive immune response causing severe damage to the lung.



Besides, there are some well-known human coronaviruses such as SARS and MERS, which cause respiratory tract infection.



Here is a white board animation of the introducation of illustrated factual series of COVID-19: