21 April 2020
AUTHOR: mgrass

Illustrated factual series of COVID-19 [Introduction-prevention]

CHEN Zhong
President / Managing Director
M Grass International Institute of Smart Urban Greenology


INTRODUCTION-Ways of Prevention

The best way of prevention is by practicing good hygiene. Firstly, wash your hands before and after eating and using restroom and wear a mask when entering public spaces.




Avoid interacting with any confirmed or suspected individuals and if you or anyone is sick, visit the doctor immediately. Cover your mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing.





Last but not the least, do not eat bushmeat as a source of food as they are not vaccinated, health screened or grown in a regulated sterile environment suited for human consumption and therefore they may be carrying diseases and pathogens that we do not know about yet.


Thank you for watching the introduction of illustrated factual series of COVID-19! Wish you all stay fit and healthy!


Here is a white board animation of the introducation of illustrated factual series of COVID-19: