Smart Eco Farm

The Smart Eco Farm is 770mm long, 400mm wide, 1700mm high and takes only 0.3 square meter.  

It is made of 6 modular combinations weighing 30kg with high strength food grade PP plastics.

Produce indoor-grown pesticide free vegetables/spices for offices, families, restaurants, cafes, hospitals, offices, nursing home, etc. Beside, our beautifies indoor environment and improves indoor air quality.


Ecological Function

A closed indoor environment usually lacks ventilation and light.  Many Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC)  and formaldehyde produced by the decoration materials are difficult to discharge. At the same time, dust, droplets, inhalable particles, bacteria, fungi, and viruses are easy to accumulate and breed. Moreover, as the main body of indoor activity, human mouth, skin, and body metabolism will continuously release oil, turbidity, organic particles, etc. into the environment.